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Research Essays (In progress)
Divergent: Examining representations of religious plurality in American pop fiction
-This essay will focus on the representations of various religious traditions in American culture reflected in the post-apocolyptic world in this series. I would like to discuss how the different religious traditions navigate their tenuous holds in their society, and what the ultimate resolution suggests about our own time and culture and how we deal with religious pluralism in modern American culture.

Faulkner’s Eucharist: New Christianity in Faulkner’s Post-War American South
-This piece focuses on Faulkner’s novel The Sound and The Fury, and all of the images of blood and bread repeated throughout the novel. In a post-war south, many of the “great families” are left solely with their names; i.e. the blood that runs through their veins, as a claim to former greatness. This blood becomes their new religion; they focus upon the continuance of the bloodline and the importance of keeping the bloodline from ignominy. In a sense, the horrors of the war make Christianity seem less meaningful and instead of centering on God, these families shift their fervor on maintaining the blood lines. I’m attempting to link the images of blood and bread in Faulkner’s novel with the idea of the Holy Eucharist, maintaining that Faulkner represents this shift in spiritual focus and adoration from God to the Family in the post-war South.

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