2017 Reading Challenge, Book 51


A book from the year you were born (1985), White Noise by Don DeLillo

This novel really surprised me. From reading the description, it didn’t seem like something I would be too interested in, which was why I saved it for the last few books of my challenge. I also had a very difficult time getting access to this book. I had to interlibrary loan because it doesn’t seem to be popular enough to be found in used bookstores or on the normal library shelf. I didn’t want to purchase the Kindle version because I don’t typically re-read a book, so I try to get most of my books from the library, either physical copies or through the library e-book system. Luckily, my library rocks, and I got the interlibrary loan copy rather quickly.


Immediately, I fell in love. I couldn’t stop reading. Delillo’s prose is beautifully crafted. His wit is spot-on. His characters are lovably flawed and they don’t take themselves too seriously which keeps them from being yuppie scum academics. DeLillo takes a fairly normal mixed family and places them in an abnormal scenario to examine how such cast of characters would respond to a large-scale crises. Death is the central theme of this tale, and ultimately DeLillo keeps us hanging at the end–is death something to be feared or embraced? Why not both?


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