2017 Reading Challenge, Book 26


A book at least 100 years old, The Golden Ass by Apuleius

I feel like I’m really failing here with the ancient literature, but I just couldn’t even finish this one. I got about a quarter of the way into it, realized I was miserable, and made the executive decision to abandon ship. I almost never do that, but last year taught me that life is just too short to continue reading a book you don’t like. You may be asking where I even came up with the idea to read this book. I am a fan of the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die list, and I have been working my way through that volume for years. I try to pick a few books from each section on the list for each year’s challenge. This one was free on my Kindle thanks to it being pre-copyright laws, so I added it to the list.

Honestly, a different edition may have been a better choice. The free Kindle edition I got had the “old spellings” of words as this was written before prescriptive grammar rules were applicable. That made it super difficult to read. It felt almost like translating from a foreign language at times. This issue coupled with another narrative that seemed to be a bunch of short stories put together for no apparent reason made this just too much for me to stick with. I never even made it to the main narrative thread—the numerous side stories building up the history (I think that’s what was going on?) lost me before I ever made it to the main part. Sadly, I think the “greatness” of this one is lost on me. I just don’t get the appeal. Perhaps someday with a different edition I will change my mind. Until then, I’m considering this one done and over!

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