2017 Reading Challenge: Book 3


Book 3, a mystery/thriller, The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

I was REALLY excited to read this book. Everyone kept saying it was the new Girl on a Train, which I really enjoyed, so I put myself on the loooong waitlist to check it out from the library. When it wasn’t available in 2016, I figured I’d just incorporate it into my 2017 challenge and eventually, I would get my hands on a copy. How lucky that it was in the first few weeks of the New Year!

I see the parallel between Girl on a Train and Woman in Cabin 10 in that we have a female narrator who is less than reliable. Without spoiling too much of either novel, let’s just say you can’t entirely trust what the narrators tell you, and at times they even begin to question themselves. There’s also the mysterious woman factor–both stories involve an encounter with an unknown woman who ends up disappearing, and the narrators end up involved to their own peril.

What sets this novel apart, and in my opinion, makes it more creepy, is the setting. Our narrator in this story is a travel journalist invited to attend the maiden voyage of a very small luxury cruise ship (she describes it as a very large yacht–definitely not some huge cruise ship most people are used to). The increasing sense of being stuck on this ship with nowhere to go, in a confined space, truly gives you the creeps as you read. The sense of claustrophobia increases as the mystery unfolds and really adds to the overall experience. This was definitely another page turner–I read it in one sitting–and it will keep you guessing until the last page. I was pleasantly surprised by the twist in this story. You will not be disappointed.


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