2017 Reading Challenge Book List

A book 500 pages or longer: Outlander
A classic Romance: The Princess of Cleves
A book that became a movie: The English Patient
A book published this year: Lucky You
A book with a number in the title: One Plus One
A book written by someone younger than 30: Evelina
A book with Non-human characters: The Graveyard Book
A funny book: Babbitt
A book written by a female: Mill on the Floss
A Mystery/Thriller: The Woman in Cabin 10
A book with a one world title: Plainsong
A book of short stories: Everything that rises must converge
A book set in another country: City of Women
A non-fiction book: Dead Wake
A popular author’s first book: Trainspotting
A book written by an author you love: The Ocean at the end of the lane
A recommended book: Vile Bodies
A Pulitzer prize winner: The Age of Innocence
A book based on a true story: Blonde
A book about travel: Travels with Charley
An epistolary novel: Pamela
A Gothic Horror story: Castle Otranto
A book older than 100 years: The Golden Ass
A book you judged by its cover: The Grass is singing
A book set in your favorite historical period: Enemy at the gates
A memoir: Running with scissors
A Book you could read in a day: Sarah’s Key
An action story: Last of the Mohicans
A book set in a place you’d visit: A town like Alice
A book from 1985: White Noise
A book with bad reviews: The Tropic of Cancer
A trilogy: His Dark Materials
A childhood book: Treasure Island
A book featuring a love triangle: Return of the Native
A futuristic book: Cities in Flight
A book set in high school: 13 Reasons Why
A book with a color in the title: Girls in White Dresses
A book that makes you cry: The Light of Fireflies
A book dealing with magic:
An Oprah book: The Underground Railroad
A new Author: The Mothers
A book you haven’t read but you own: Swing Time
A classic: Robinson Crusoe
A translated book: Ovid Metamorphosis
A Christmas book: The Christmas Box
A book dealing with Race/Identity: Absalom, Absalom
A play: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child
A banned book: The Monk
A book with female relationships: Cat’s Eye
A Noir story: The Thin Man

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  1. Reblogged this on Lively Take on Life and commented:
    What a great idea! I plan to create my t0-read list (2017 and beyond) from this! Thank you!

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