2016 Reading Challenge: Book 21


A funny book: Sh*t my dad says by Justin Halpern

Very rarely do I come across a book that actually makes me laugh out loud…but add this one to the list! I sat down to read this, unsure of what to expect, and I read the entire book in one hilarious sitting. My significant other at one point actually stuck his head in the room to see what all of the fuss was about.

What started out as an innocent Twitter handle, #shitmydadsays, quickly went viral as people began reading the hilarious one liners Halpern tweeted as direct quotes from his father. Halpern began posting the tweets as a joke, but was mortified when he realized how much popularity the tweets had gained. He despaired of telling his father that he had unwittingly become an internet sensation. Luckily, his father took it in stride with his signature sense of humor and thus, the book ( a collection of tweets interspersed with a narrative from Halpern’s young adult years) was born.

It’s clear that Halpern’s father loved his children, and he raised them to be independent, decent people through some tough love and whole lot of humor. I wouldn’t call this a dysfunctional family, but anyone who has had non-traditional parenting/childhood will lovingly appreciate this book. Get ready for some belly laughs!


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