2016 Reading Challenge

One of the most important goals any of us can strive toward is keeping ourselves mentally sharp–particularly as we age. I no longer have the privilege of professors assigning me required reading and helping me along the path to intellectual growth with their guided hands. It falls on ourselves after a certain age to continue our own personal education and many adults let this fall by the wayside due to the staggering amount of other obligations we take on in our daily lives. When I mention to people how often I read or how many books I am able to read they always tell me “I wish I had time to do that.” I know they mean well, but I find this a little offensive. I am not a lazy person who has loads of leisure time on my hands–I am busy and overworked like everyone else. The difference between us is that I prioritize my education. Instead of television or computer gaming, I carve out time for books and writing. The reality is you DO have time–you’re just choosing to spend it on other things. Like Youtube rabbit holes or online shopping. Don’t get me wrong–it’s important to give yourself truly “free” time like this as well–but one must also make time for pursuits of the mind, too.

For each of us, the pursuit of knowledge will look a little different. I have always been a person who learns best through reading and then discussing my thoughts about the material with others–this is why I excelled in the Humanities. I have never lost my love or veracity for reading and so I have decided to participate again this year in a year-long reading challenge to keep my mind limber. This year, however, I will spend more time focusing on the review part of the books I am reading. I want to work more on my writing and I plan to document my reading challenge here (and on my Goodreads account). I hope you will follow along and maybe even be inspired to participate in a reading challenge of your own this year!

The challenge is 50 books but there are specific criterion for the books you select. I will be posting my book list in the next post and even begin reading my first selection today! It’s important to get working on your goals as soon as possible, right? Otherwise they never get sparked into action.

Here is to a happy and knowledgeable 2016 everyone!


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