2016 Reading Challenge Booklist

Here are my selections for 2016!

1.) A book with 500 pages: Don Quixote
2.) A Classic Romance: Lady Chatterly’s Lover
3.) A book that became a movie: One Day
4.) A book published in 2016: Dark Matter
5.) A book with a number in the title: A Thousand Splendid Suns
6.) A book written by someone younger than 30: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
7.) A book with non-human characters: The Left Hand of Darkness
8.) A funny book: Sh*t my Dad Says
9.) A book written by a female: The Light Between Oceans
10.) A mystery/thriller: In Cold Blood
11.) A book with a one word title: Neverwhere
12.) A book of short stories: Welcome to the Monkeyhouse
13.) A book set in another country: The Lowland
14.) A non-fiction book: In the Garden of Beasts
15.) A popular author’s first book: A Time to Kill
16.) A book by an author you love: The Bone Clocks
17.) A book recommended by a friend: The Girl on the Train
18.) A Pulitzer winner: All the King’s Men
19.) A book based on a true story: The Reservoir
20.) A book at the bottom of your list: People of the Book
21.) A book mom loves: Thinner
22.) A book that scares you: The Woman in White
23.) A book older than 100 years: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
24.) A book you like by its cover: The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo
25.) A book you should have read in school: Treasure of the Sierra Madre
26.) A memoir: Yes Please
27.) A book you can read in a day: Adultery
28.) A book with antonyms in the title: War and Peace
29.) A book set in a place you’d like to visit: The Paris Wife
30.) A book from 1985: Lake Woebegone Days
31.) A book with bad reviews: O Pioneers!
32.) A trilogy: All Souls
33.) A book from childhood: The Secret Garden
34.) A book with a love triangle: Far From the Madding Crowd
35.) A book set in the future: Player Piano
36.) A book set in high school: Forever
37.) A book with a color in the title: The Goldfinch
38.) A book that makes you cry: The art of racing in the rain
39.) A book with magic: The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake
40.) A graphic novel: Maus I
41.) A new author: The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes
42.) A book you own but didn’t read: The Known World
43.) A book from your hometown: Asphodel
44.) A translated book: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
45.) A book set during Christmas: Hercule Poirot’s Christmas
46.) A book written by someone with the same initials: There but for the
47.) A play: Brighton Beach Memoirs
48.) A banned book: Fanny Hill
49.) A book based on a tv show: Sookie Stackhouse novel**
50.) A book started but not finished: The Blithedale Romance

*Strikethrough indicates completed
**The tv show is based on the book, but I can’t ever find anything the other way around.


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