Horrorfest: Halloween



Okay, if you haven’t seen this film…you must live under a rock. This one has been scaring the daylights out of me since I was a very young child (thanks for letting me watch horror films, mom and dad!). But seriously, who doesn’t love this iconic slasher film? The indestructible Michael Meyers has haunted fans for decades, and the horror franchise has experienced long-lasting success, churning out sequels and prequels every few years.

The plot–young babysitter and all of her friends are brutally stalked and murdered on Halloween night when psychotic murder Michael Meyers breaks out of his psych ward decades after murdering his family. He targets the teenagers one by one, brutally killing them all before he is thwarted at the end. The main character manages to get away, but the threat of his return is real–despite taking stabbings and bullets, Michael still gets up and walks away, disappearing into the night.

Perhaps one of the creepiest aspects of this film is the camera’s perspective from the killer’s point of view. This coupled with his muffled breath sounds it truly terrifying. You as a viewer literally assume the role of the killer, which can be very discomfiting. The film, like most others in this genre, also touches on issues of female sexuality. Most of the killer’s victims are sexually promiscuous young girls who are exposed–literally–by their nudity as Michael  Meyers systematically slaughters them. Only the pure, virginal main character survives in the end. This serves as a cautionary tale to women; all the good girls who refrain from sexual (or substance) experimentation stay safe. The bad girls meet their end on the killer’s knife.


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