Horrorfest: Let the Right One In

Borrowed from imdb.com

Borrowed from imdb.com

Okay, I admit that sub-titles are not really the most enjoyable experience when I want to sit down and watch a film. I can’t shake the feeling that something is lost in translation, and that while reading the words, I’m missing out on important visual cues happening on screen. But it works in Let the Right One In (although, admittedly, the geek in me was distracted by the similarities between Swedish and English. I had my iPhone out, researching language families and such).

While I found this movie absolutely beautiful for a variety of reasons, I have to say that I would not classify this as a horror film. I guess because the protagonist falls in love with a vampire, who murders people to sate her blood lust, this technically falls into the horror genre. But it was actually very sweet, funny, and cute most of the time. Except for a few very disturbing moments–like the acid to the face scene, or the final revenge scene in the pool (although, I do admit, those kids did deserve it. Kinda). Also sort of creepy is the underlying reality that the vampire looks 12, but is in real years much older, giving her a creepy pedophilia vibe when she has romantic scenes with Oskar, an actual 12 year old.

To me, this film seemed very artistic, where many movies in the horror genre are less about the artistic intricacies of film and more about bad writing, gore, and shock value. Don’t get me wrong, there is gore. But the way the director frames it, I don’t know, it doesn’t feel like other horror films I’ve watched.

It wasn’t scary, it was lovely. And kind of weird. Especially the scene where there is a close-up of the young girl vampire’s genitalia (or lack there of). I’m still not entirely sure what to take away from that. And the scene where the cats attack the newly-infected middle aged woman vampire. Poor kitties.

I guess I need to ruminate on this one a bit more before I can deconstruct it–does anyone else have thoughts to add?!


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