Author Junot Díaz visits Marymount University

junot diazPulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz visited my university this afternoon, and what an amazing experience! Marymount hosted two Arlington high schools, and the students in attendance asked many wonderful questions (most of our students read The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao for their composition classes, so questions centered around this novel). Junot, of course, had incredibly insightful comments. In particular, his discussion on education as “instrumentalized” (i.e. teaching only “concrete skills” rather than truly educating a person and teaching them how to think critically) touched me in a profound way. I also enjoyed his conversation of art not as a job, but as something other, and that viewing it as a profession in some ways limits the capabilities of the artist. Listening to Junot was a truly wonderful experience. I am incredibly grateful to the Arlington Public Library system for bringing Junot to the D.C. area, and I look forward to reading his two other books, This is How You Lose Her, and Drown. And of course, he signed my copy of Oscar Wao, which was a supremely cool moment–how often do you get to meet an award-winning author in your lifetime?!


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